Newsletter -may 2020

Subheading Two

Albert Park’s St Vincent Gardens is not just favourite spot for locals – it’s also a park of national cultural significance. Boasting beautiful mature trees, winding paths and lush gardens, the space is registered with the National Trust of Australia and is on the Victorian Heritage Register as “the best example of a residential square in Australia, remarkable for its nineteenth and early twentieth century attributes that provide the essential character of the precinct”.

Designed and developed in the 1850s and 60s by noted surveyor and engineer, Clement Hodgkinson, the gardens were influenced by similar spaces in London, though St Vincent Gardens are on a much grander scale. Bordered by St Vincent’s Place and Ferrars Street and bisected by Montague Street and the number 1 tram, they’re in the shape of a large rectangle with a semi-circular crescent at the Albert Park end.